Birds Being Birds by Donna Castle Richardson, E.d. D.


I woke up one morning singing in my head, “I was walking in the park one day.” My thought of the music flowing through my head was the inspiration for this book, Birds Being Birds. The music had been a favorite song of mine since childhood. I had created my own version for years. I immediately thought of people walking in the park on a Sunday afternoon at the turn of the eighteenth century—the ladies in beautiful frilly long dresses with lacy parasols, men in their best Sunday suits, children playing, and beautiful colorful birds flying around. What a breathtaking scene of peace and happiness. Combining the thoughts of a beautiful park scene with my goal to write a simple easy to read book for young children using a rhythmic pattern, I immediately wrote a poem that can be adapted to a classic melody, “I Was Strolling in the Park One Day” written by Ed Haley and published in 1884. The culmination is this very special and unforgettable poem called Birds Being Birds that will become a family favorite for generations.

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