Fun and Exciting Activities

Children are subject to learning. Especially when its something that can be made into an enjoyable activity for the both of you. Here are some fun ways to show your child or student new routes to learning that bring a new approach to the classroom or at home.

Best Sellers

The Teeny Tiny Tadpole

At the edge of a lake floated some little jelly balls with black spots in the middle. Out of one of the little jelly balls swam a teeny tiny tadpole. The teeny tiny tadpole doesn’t know where she is. She doesn’t know who she is. But she is changing, and fast! Join The Teeny Tiny Tadpole as she meets all the different fish in the lake. Will she find out what kind of animal she is before it’s too late?

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Little Lilly Ladybug

The excitement of change and growing up is the underlying theme of Little Lilly Ladybug. Little Lilly Larvae matures magically into a beautiful ladybug. The life cycle occurs as the Little Lilly Larvae meets other ladybugs and learns about sharing and manners while growing up in a beautiful herb garden. She discovers her purpose in life to help make things better around her.

“Little Lilly Ladybug is dedicated to my lovely mother, Margie Hamilton Castle Perryman, who will turn 92 year.”

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Birds Being Birds

I woke up one morning singing in my head, “I was walking in the park one day.” My thought of the music flowing through my head was the inspiration for this book, Birds Being Birds.

Combining the thoughts of a beautiful park scene with my goal to write a simple easy to read book for young children using a rhythmic pattern.

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How to read to Children- A Parenting Handbook

Books can be a catalyst for building stronger relationships by talking, reading, and listening. This handbook shares initial strategies for parents who really want to make a difference in preparing their child for reading with understanding.

This book evolved from a nationally recognized reading training program that was developed as a part of a US Department of Education tutor training grant. Dr. Richardson’s interest in literacy and children’s literature led to the writing and publishing of the Teeny Tiny Tadpole and Little Lilly Ladybug written with folk literature characteristics.

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