First Edition: Little Lilly Ladybug by Donna Castle Richardson , Ed.D.


The excitement of change and growing up is the underlying theme of Little Lilly Ladybug. Little Lilly Larvae matures magically into a beautiful ladybug. The life cycle occurs as the Little Lilly Larvae meets other ladybugs and learns about sharing and manners while growing up in a beautiful herb garden. She discovers her purpose in life to help make things better around her. The rhythm, imagery, and rhyme of folk literature characteristics influence this story through the use of refrains and talking insects. Folk literature characteristics are used to create an unforgettable story based on an age-old theme of change. This book is a classic to be savored and shared for generations and a second in a life cycle series.“Little Lilly Ladybug is dedicated to my lovely mother, Margie Hamilton Castle Perryman, who will turn 90 this year.

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