The Teeny Tiny Tadpole

“At the edge of a lake floated some little jelly ball eggs with black spots in the middle. Out of one of the little jelly balls swam a teeny tiny tadpole.”

Little Lilly Ladybug

“In the herb garden on a large leaf is a cluster of tiny yellow eggs. Out of a little yellow egg crawls a beautiful blue larvae. Her name is Little Lilly Larvae. She lives in the herb garden. She is very hungry. She is in the first install growth period.”

Birds Being Birds

“I went hiking in the mountains Friday. When I hiked outside to play, What did I spy? A green bird flying by, While hiking in the mountains Friday.”

Reading With a Child

“Thinking-talking aloud” is a process that the parent shares with the child by talking to the child about what is happening in the story.”
Donna Castle Richardson

Donna Castle Richardson

Donna Castle Richardson is a distinguished children’s book author, education program development expert,  professional speaker, and children’s education advocate. She enjoys working with early childhood educators and parents to teach emergent reading strategies. She was the Atoka Elementary Author of the Year in 2013.  You can buy Donna Castle Richardson’s books for children and parents right here from her site with the links listed above.

“I hope you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Please feel free to share my books with others so they can enjoy them, too. I will be glad to speak and read my books at schools, community events, and local libraries.