Summer Reading Tips  

By Donna Castle Richardson

This summer, set aside time to read each day and support a child by using Ed the Cat’s technique of P-R-R-R-Ring through the book and interactively reading together.

Encourage the child to Predict what they think will happen next using pictures.  Ask the child to use the pictures or text that was read to predict what may happen next.  Read the next page for or with the child using unison reading as the child develops confidence in his own reading. Respond by talking about what was predicted and read.  Affirm how the prediction might have been alike or different.  Reflect upon what was read to encourage comprehension by thinking out loud together.

Re-read the book modeling how to read smoothly and with fluency.  Enjoy prrrring through books together.  Use a book with repetitive folk tale elements such as refrains and accumulative repetition.

Folk tales have remained favorites over generations because of the simple repetition that encourages shared reading and retelling of the story.  My two favorite books are Eric Carle, Jr., The Very Hungry Caterpillar and my book, The Teeny Tiny Tadpole.